Reopening Protocols

Great news everyone! We have approval to open the hall again and are reopening on September 1st , 2020 for the Matinee Session. Our new session times will be 12:15pm, 3:30pm, 6:45pm & 9:45pm every day. There will be several changes implemented to keep our Customers, Volunteers and Staff members safe.
Here’s what we will be doing:
• We will be enforcing the mandatory mask policy for everyone entering the hall. This applies to staff, volunteers, and customers. You will not be granted entry without a mask. You will be required to wear your mask anytime you are moving throughout the hall and/or dealing with any staff or Charity volunteers. Once you are in your seat with appropriate social distancing you are permitted to remove your mask
• Anyone who has any symptoms of the virus or has had contact with the virus are not permitted to enter the building.
• There will be a maximum of 50 patrons allowed into the hall at any given time. This will be a first come first serve procedure.
• All customers will be asked for their name and telephone number for any potential contact tracing that may need to be done.
• The door by the Concession/Charity Station will be designated as an entrance while the other 2 doors will be designated as exits. Smoking will only be permitted out the 2 exit doors. There will be no smoking near the entrance door.
• Hand sanitizer will be located at each entry and selling station, We ask that all customers sanitize their hands upon entry into the hall.
• Verifiers, Shutter Boards and tables will be sanitized each session
• Customers will be asked to maintain proper social distancing within the hall unless they indicate they are within the same social bubble.
• Management reserves the right, at their discretion, to refuse admittance to anyone who will not comply with these procedures and/or jeopardizes the health and safety of fellow players, staff and/or volunteers.
• The canteen will not be open at this time. The vending machines and ATM will be in service.
• All high touch areas will be sanitized regularly throughout the day.
• There will be no saving spots in line, If you are not physically in line you will have to join at the back of the line.
• All special events will be cancelled, and our New Program and Session times will be in effect until the gathering limits are increased.

Daily Jackpots!

Closed for Lockdown

   Airport Special        53#'s


Sponsor Special     51#'s


Blue Sky Special      54#'s


Lucky Pot


Pot of Gold    48#


Shutter Board Progressive 7#


U-Pick-Ums    28#


 Red Special    19#


  In case there are any discrepancies between numbers and/or figures posted on this site, all numbers and/or figures  displayed at the hall will be taken as correct.