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The North Bay Heritage Museum is a private not-for-profit organization. They work hard to seek and preserve our history. As a part of the community your support is vital. Bingo funds are used to fund our ongoing public exhibits and programming. We have been involved in bingos within our community for twenty-five years. Recently we have moved into a new location in a historic CPR train Station in the heart of North Bay's downtown and would like to extend an invitation to everyone to visit us at our new home.

The North Bay Y-Titans raises funds for competitive swimming in our area. We are able with the bingo revenue to attend meets all over Ontario and send our top swimmers to meets like Olympic trials in Montreal this spring. These funds also allow us to purchase needed equipment. We have been involved in bingo for a number of years in our community. Our season runs from September to in some cases as this year to September as some of our swimmers will be attending the Ontario Summer Games. Without our bingo revenue this would be an impossibility. Thank you to all players from the Titans!

North Bay Elks Lodge #25 has been in the bingo business for about 40 years and rely on it heavily to allow us to continue to support those in need. We help a number of charities in our community such as, youth sports, the Legion Pipe Band, Canadian Blood Services, Heritage Museum, the Carousel, Army Cadets, Country Heritage and Sledge Hockey to name a few. We are also a major sponsor of VOICE for hearing impaired children, as well as the Association for Community living. We help persons in need who solicit our assistance. We would like to express our appreciation to all players who continue to support all charities within our Community.




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Fly Away Bingo

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$1,500.00 Jackpot

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at the 6:15 & 8:30 programs Learn more...

Shutter Board Tournament

All single winners on Shutter Boards at the Matinee session will receive a ballot with their prize...5 games of $100.00 each will be played every Thursday at 12pm sharp. Learn more...

Daily Jackpots!

12:30 pm June 1, 2016 
Caller:       Diana
Charity:         North Bay Recovery Home Support Group

Super Jackpot 53#


Accumulator 50#


Super Progressive 48#


Players Progressive 50#


Lucky Pot


Pot of Gold 53#


Shutter Board Progressive 4#


 U-Pick-Ums 26# at the 12:30 pm session June 1st


   Red Special 18# at the 12:30 pm session June 1st